Path Light® Mobility Light attaches to your cane to illuminate your path and helps to prevent falls in the dark.

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The Path Light® Mobility Light easily attaches to fit all canes and most walkers, with no tools required. It points downward to clearly illuminate your walking path, helping you to prevent trips and falls in the dark. Best of all, thanks to our SmartSense technology:

• You can easily locate your cane in the dark. Path Light’s Night Beacon LED glows softly in the dark when the cane is not in use.

• You won’t be fumbling for an on/off switch. Path Light’s motion detector knows if the cane is in use, and automatically turns the unit on in low ambient light. It shuts off after 12 seconds if there has been no movement. The light will turn back on as soon as the cane is touched, whenever it senses low light.

• You won’t be left in the dark. Path Light requires just three AAA batteries, which are easy to replace. The low battery indicator gives you advance warning when new batteries are needed.

• Our LED light will last for approximately 50,000 hours, assuring you of years of continuous use.

Lighted Walking Cane For Safety

The Path Light® LED cane and walker light was invented out of necessity to help prevent a loved one from slipping or falling. Caregivers appreciate knowing that it will help make you feel safer at home when walking in dark and dim places like hallways or when going to the bathroom at night.

Walking Cane Flashlight

When you are out and about, it lights your path without disturbing others. It fits securely on all canes and most walkers and carts. You can continue to use your favorite sturdy cane with the Path Light LED light and if you have more than one cane you can easily detach and switch or better yet you can order a Path Light® for each cane you own.

You don't have to worry about turning the light on and off because it has an automatic motion sensor that comes on when it senses movement in low light. The light goes off after 12 seconds of no movement. The light will turn back on as soon as the cane is touched and the ambient light is low.