Path Light® Mobility Light attaches to your cane to illuminate your path and helps to prevent falls in the dark.


Testimonials from Happy Customers

As a man of a certain age, I find myself getting up one or more times in the night. Now that I have the Path Light mobility light on my cane it is so much easier. The night beacon makes it easy to find, and as soon as I grab my cane, the light goes on. The best part is I don’t have to wake my wife.

Great addition to my cane to avoid falling. At night I can now see clearly where I’m stepping and I use it even if someone else is supporting me while walking in the dark.

I do not use a cane, but have a portable oxygen cart. Since I get up in the night fairly regularly, I knew I could use the Path Light mobility light. It fit perfectly on my oxygen cart and now I use it every night. It couldn’t work any better.

Ron R. Henrico

Berta K.
Jerusalem, Israel

Charlie D. Richmond